Monday, September 7, 2009


Was out during the weekends so I didn't have any time to prepare/do any new experiments. Here's really simple yet really flavorful dish.

- Chicken legs / Drumstick

- Oregano
- Salt
- Pepper
- Cayenne Pepper


1. Make a vertical incision from the top of the Drumstick to just above the ankle
2. Carefully remove the Meat off the bone. Do not completely remove the meat, keep it intact with the lower part of the drumstick. (this will ex
pose the bone)
3. chop the exposed part of the bone (from top to the end of the incision)
4. You'll end up with a flower shaped fillet with a Drumstick handle

5. season both sides with Salt, Pepper, a little Cayenne Pepper and a lot of Oregano
Now you're ready to cook.


1. Pre heat a pan ( non-stick preferably, that way there's no need to add oil)

2. Set the Chicken on the pan Meat side down and press with a spatula
3. Cook on medium fire for 5-10 min or until golden brown
4. Turn and cook the Skin side for 5-10 min as well, pressing with a spatula every now and then( this will give you a slightly crispy outside texture but a very moist and tender inside


1. Mix 3 tbsp of Hoisin sauce with 1 tbsp Worcestershire

2. Add 2 tsp Chili Garlic sauce/2 dashes of Cayenne Pepper

3. Mix all together
4. This is enough for about 5 Drumsticks

You're done!

Happy Eating!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I got some left over liempo, a little cured with honey and garlic like my other post, but this one's different.


- Liempo (thick liempo)

- 1/2 Cabbage

- 3 Tomatoes(big ones / roman tomatoes would be great)

- White onion(1 big piece)

- Honey

- Garlic (2 cloves)

- Rosemary

- Salt

- Pepper

- Oyster Sauce

- 2 tbsp Margarine


1. Preparing the Meat

a. Chop garlic finely

b. Mix a cup Honey with the chopped Garlic. Season with Salt, Pepper and Rosemary

c. Massage the Meat with the Mixture and set aside to marinade for at least an hour

2. After Marinating, preheat the skillet then grill the Meat on it for both side until you see really nice grill marks. Chop, then set aside.

3. The Veggies

a. Roughly chop the Cabbage(big slices because cabbage tend to shrink) then wash

b. Chop the Onion and Tomatoes in to 6 or 8 wedges

c. Chop the Garlic.

4. Preheat the pan, toast the Garlic and Onion with no oil until Slightly golden brown

5. Add the margarine and Stir

6. Add the Grilled Meat and Stir for about 5 min

7. Add about 1/2 a cup Oyster sauce and Stir again

8. Add the Cabbage, Stir until the color changes to a slightly darker green and the white parts of the Cabbage turn slightly transparent.

9. Add the Tomatoes. Season with Salt and Pepper.

10. Stir for another 5 min (careful not to overcook the Tomatoes, you'll end up with just skin)

You're done!

Happy Eating!

Honey Garlic Ribs with Fruity Syrup

Hi guys an experiment again, I opted to buy ribs, but got big slabs of liempo, weird cause the label said "ribs", no wonder I paid double. was ok though since it was so loaded with meat and thin layers of fat, some soft bone, and well some bone...about 2 inches in length at most.

this dish isn't so difficult to cook, but it requires patience :D

Here's how.


(kitchen stuff)

- Cling Wrap

- Turbo broiler(I guess an oven would do better but since I don't have one, this would do)

(pork marinade)

- Pork Liempo or Ribs a big slab, maybe around 5L x 5W x 2H inches

- Honey

- 3 cloves of Garlic

- Salt

- Pepper

- Cayenne Pepper

- Rosemary

(Fruity Syrup)

- Strawberry jam

- Worcestershire Sauce

- Honey

- Salt

- Rosemary


- Potatoes

- Salt

- Cayenne Pepper

- Oregano


1. Chop 3 cloves of Garlic finely

2. Mix 2 cups Honey with chopped Garlic , season with Salt, Pepper and a little Cayenne Pepper(this gives it a little kick) and add about 2 table

spoons of dried Rosemary(this will give the Meat a great aroma)

3. Rub the mixture onto the Meat making sure all sides are covered, pour a little extra Marinade the wrap tightly with the Cling Wrap.

4. leave in the ref fridge (not the freezer) for 2 days, over night will do, but this ensures the Marinade will penetrate the inside of the pork.


1. Prepare the syrup

a. Mix 1 cup Honey with 3/4 cup Strawberry Jam, stir until the mixture is well fused

b. Add 1/2 cup of Worcestershire sauce and again STIR.

c. Season with about 4-5 pinches of Salt and a some of Rosemary

d. Stir until the mixture is like one

e. taste, and do adjustments based on how you like it.

Note: this will taste like wine

2. Preheat the turbo broiler for 5 minutes on max heat

3. unwrap the marinated Meat and set inside the broiler

4. Brush the Meat with the Syrup covering all sides

5. Cook for 80 min on 250 degrees Fahrenheit , brushing the Meat with the Syrup every 10 min.

- at 60 min , turn the Meat upside down

- brush this side with the Syrup and cook for 10 min at 400 degrees Fahrenheit

- turn again, and brush the topside with the syrup . cook for 10 min on the last temp setting.

This will give the Meat a nice red color and a bit of a slightly burnt sweet taste.

6. To top it and make it taste even more interesting. put the remaining Syrup on a pan and cook on Low fire until it's slightly thick(careful not to burn it).


1. Chop Potatoes into wedges(I like medium sized potatoes, cooks faster)

2. Season with Salt, Cayenne Pepper and Oregano

3. Cook on a skillet on all sides until cooked

Done. Happy Eating!