Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Corned Beef w/ Veggies

Simple dinner made Special, have fun preparing your food. if it looks good then you'll have more fun eating it!


- beat 3 eggs (for a solid base, depends on how big your pan is)
- season with salt, pepper and oregano

(Corned Beef)
- minced onion
- a can of corned beef(any brand will do)
- cayenne pepper

- 1/4 sayote (i do not know the english term)
- 1/4 carrots (is there a tagalog word for this?)
-1 tablespoon of sugar
- pinch of salt
- half cup vinegar
- pinch of pepper


1. The Wrap

a. lay down the scrambled egg on a clean surface or tin foil
b. Spread an even amount of corned beef on 3/4 of the egg surface and roll
c. Spread about a tablespoon of hoisin sauce on the remaining 1/4 egg surface to close the roll
d. Slice
e. Plate, squeeze mayo on top of each slice (decoration)

2. Corned Beef

a. With no oil toast the minced onion in a pan
b. Add corned beef
c. Season with cayenne pepper
d. Let it toast for a while

3. Veggies

a. With a peeler...well, peel the skin off the 2 veggies
b. Again with a peeler, peel the meat (for the lack of a better term) off the veggies
c. Soak in the vinegar, sugar, salt and pepper mixture for about 5-10 min
d. Drain and plate
e. You can put a tablespoon of hoisin on top as garnish with a dash of mustard seed

Basically it'll still taste like normal corned beef... with a little kick. The only difference is it'll be more appetizing this way:D

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